Accurate Innovations Stocks

While there are no shortage of options for rifle stocks available to hunters today, the rifle stocks available from Accurate Innovations (AI) are among the best offerings that combine strength, stability and good looks. These stocks mate a precision made aluminium bedding block for stability and consistent accuracy, with a traditional wood stock for aesthetic appeal.

With three in-built recoil lugs, the aluminium bedding blocks fitted to these stocks spread the recoil load over several points in the stock, to ensure that the stock will stand up to the heaviest recoil. Some of the B&M rifles, from .458 B&M and up, can be very hard on rifle stocks and ordinary walnut stocks may not stand up to the heavy recoil.

Accurate Innovations also provides you with numerous wood types and grades, from basic to the highest exhibition grade timbers. AI timbers available include:

    • English walnut
    • Turkish walnut
    • Claro walnut
    • maple
    • myrtle
    • bamboo
    • laminated wood in four colour choices

Bedding blocks are offered for a range of action types. Currently, bedding blocks are available for the following actions:

    • Howa 1500 (also fits Mossberg & Smith & Wesson)
    • Mauser K98 (must have action)
    • Montana 1999
    • Remington Model 700, ADL, BDL
    • Remington Model 7
    • Ruger Model 77 MKII
    • Savage Model 10, (also fits 12,16, etc…) Blind Mag Only.
    • Weatherby Mark V, Floor Metal: 1pc.,  2pc. (9 lug only,)
    • Weatherby Vanguard
    • Winchester Model 70 Post 64, Floor Metal: 1pc., 2pc.
    • Winchester Model 70 pre 64
    • Winchester Model 70 pre War
    • Winchester 54

See their website for examples of the wood types, or view the B&M Rifles and Cartridges page of the Image Gallery to see stocks on completed rifles.

With multiple design options, including length of pull, buttstock style, grip cap and forend tip styles, wood finish and sling swivel types, Accurate Innovations can deliver you exactly the stock you want.

Accurate Innovations stocks are made to fit most popular rifle makes and models, which means that in addition to ordering an AI stock for a Custom build, you can also buy an AI stock to fit an existing rifle you already own or intend to buy. See their website for model options.

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Accurate Innovations Stocks for Sale

Currently the following stocks have been purchased by Meplat Firearm Services and are available for sale:

Bamboo Caramel Laminate $1,550

Classic high comb with cheekpiece, 22 LPI hand cut checkering, African Blackwood forend tip, steel grip cap, Pachmayr Decelerator buttpad.

Bamboo 1 Small

Bamboo 2 Small

Bamboo 3 Small

Bamboo 11 Small 

Turksh Walnut Show Grade $2,775    SOLD

Classic stock with shadowline cheekpiece, wraparound diamond pattern 22LPI hand cut checkering, African Blackwood forend tip, steel grip cap, Pachmayr Decelerator buttpad.

Turkish Walnut 1 Small

Turkish Walnut 4 Small

Turkish Walnut 5 Small

Turkish Walnut 8 Small

Turkish Walnut 12 Small

English Walnut XX Grade $2,700

Classic high comb with cheekpiece, 22 LPI hand checkering, hand rubbed oil finish, Limbsaver buttpad, beautiful dark figure.

English Walnut 1 web

English Walnut 2 web

English Walnut 3 web

English Walnut 4 web

English Walnut 5 web

Myrtle High Grade $2,860

Classic high comb with cheekpiece, 22 LPI hand checkering, hand rubbed oil finish, ebony grip cap and forend tip, Limbsaver buttpad, distinctive colour and figure.

Myrtle 1 web

Myrtle 2 web

Myrtle 3 web

Myrtle 4 web

Myrtle 5 web

Myrtle 6 web

Myrtle 7 web