B&M Brass & Reloading Dies

Brass cartridges for B&M calibres can either be formed from readily available parent brass (Remington Ultra Magnum or Winchester Short Magnum, depending on calibre), or you can purchase ready to use brass for your particular calibre directly from us.

Brass is available either with proprietary B&M headstamps (imported to order) or with generic RUM and WSM headstamps. Please note that proprietary B&M headstamped brass is expensive as it is only produced in limited runs, but if you require some (perhaps because you will be hunting overseas and want the headstamps to match the calibre listed on your documentation), it is available.

For information on forming your own brass, refer to the Forming B&M Brass page on this website.

Hornady Custom Grade Reloading Dies are kept in stock for the B&M calibres, so if you purchase a B&M rifle, you'll have no issue in obtaining quality dies to load your ammunition with.