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Meplat Firearm Services is the Australian distributor for Cutting Edge Projectiles (CEB), makers of the best performing hunting projectiles in the world today. Is that just another hyped up claim? If CEB projectiles are so good, why haven't I heard of them before? CEB have been making competition and long range projectiles for the US market for some years, but have only recently ventured into the big game hunting bullet market in a serious way. In conjunction with Michael McCourry, a highly seasoned dangerous game hunter and bullet tester, they have embarked on one of the most comprehensive hunting bullet development programs ever undertaken. These projectiles have been designed, tested, developed, tested, refined, tested, and tested further, over and over again. Field testing on game has confirmed all the lab results, and now the resulting projectiles are emerging on the market. In the coming years, these projectiles will likely become widely acknowledged as the best premium projectiles in the market place.

Try these projectiles for yourself and you'll immediately see that the terminal effects of these projectiles are second to none and stop animals in their tracks. No more lost animals from well placed hits that should have put them down. You can count on the reliability and extreme terminal performance that these hunting projectiles deliver. Supercharge your favourite hunting calibre by completing it with an ESP Raptor, or Safari Raptor hollow point or Safari Solid.

Give yourself the competitive edge with CEB's line of target and long range projectiles. Read more about each of these projectiles on their pages on this website.

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