Copper Handgun Hunting Projectiles

Cutting Edge Bullets have recently released the first of their new line of hunting projectiles for handgun cartridges, whether used in handguns or in rifles. These monolithic projectiles are made of copper and come in two configurations: Handgun Raptors, with hollow points for general hunting; and Handgun Solids, for use where deep penetration is required or where minimal hide damage is desirable.

The Handgun Raptors are engineered to ensure that blade separation occurs reliably at the lower velocities that handguns generate. To achieve this, the projectiles are designed with four blades and a round cavity, with longitudinal slits cut into the nose wall to ensure consistent blade fracture at handgun velocities.

Turbo-charge your handgun cartridge's hunting performance with the CEB Handgun Raptors and Solids.

 2. .44-200 HG Raptor web

Polymer Tips are not available for the handgun line as the shorter handgun cartridges allow no room for the extra Tip length, and their use in lever action rifles is precluded, to prevent primer detonation in tube magazines.

For technical data on the Copper Handgun Hunting projectiles, click on Technical Data Sheets - Handgun Raptors or Technical Data Sheet - Handgun Solids. All technical data sheets can also be found in the Technical Notes section, under the Ammunition Notes heading.