Raptor Tips

The Raptor Tips from Cutting Edge Bullets are a ploymer tip made to fit the hollow cavity of the ESP Raptors, ER Raptors and the Safari Raptor projectiles. They are interchangeable between the three different hollow cavity projectile designs within a corresponding calibre. Raptor Tips are designed to provide increased ballistic performance for improved terminal performance.

How They Work

By improving the aerodynamic shape of the projectile, the Raptor Tip allows the projectile to negotiate air resistance more efficiently, thereby reducing the turbulence and drag on the projectile. This results in an increased ballistic co-efficient that provides two benefits. Firstly, it provides a flatter trajectory for shooting at longer ranges. Secondly, at all ranges, it increases the impact velocity on game by better retaining the muzzle velocity. This translates to greater knockdown power.

The larger calibre Raptor Tips come with a fine hollow point to assist in the disintegration of the Tip when it strikes game to allow the hexagonal cavity to perform as it is designed to.

The Raptor Tip shape is designed to optimise performance while allowing the projectile to still fit in standard bolt action rifle magazine lengths. As such, the Raptor Tips comes either in a straight ogive design, or a curved ogive design, depending on the calibre.



Safety Note: Raptor Tips are not compatible with use in rifles constructed with tube magazines, typically found on lever actions or some pump-action rifles. However, CEB ESP Raptor and Safari Raptor projectiles may be safely used in these firearms without the Raptor Tip installed (as may Safari Solids).

For technical data on the Raptor Tips, click on Technical Data Sheet - Raptor Tips. All technical data sheets can also be found in the Technical Notes section, under the Ammunition Notes heading.