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Meplat Firearm Services also stocks Balanced Flight Solid Copper Projectiles (patent pending) by CheyTac USA and selected subsonic projectiles from the Lehigh range.

CheyTac USA

The solid copper patented Balanced Flight projectiles from CheyTac USA have been engineered to remain stable and accurate at extreme ranges. This is achieved through their mono-metal construction and projectile shape, which minimises precession and yaw while passing through the transonic zone. They have been tested and their ballistic coeffecients validated using Dopler radar at the White Sands proving ground in the US. The G1 BC (at standard atmospheric conditions) of the .408 cal 305grn projectile is .611, while the BC of the .408 cal 419grn projectile is .940. The 419grn projectile will remain supersonic just past 2,000m. If you want accuracy at extreme ranges, then you will want to try these projectiles.

.375 cal 350grn Balanced Flight Solid Copper
.408 cal 305grn Balanced Flight Solid Copper
.408 cal 419grn Balanced Flight Solid Copper

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The subsonic offerings from Lehigh Defense are designed to deliver excellent terminal effects on game at the velocities experienced when shooting subsonic ammunition. The brass Controlled Fracturing projectiles have fine slits along the ogive which allow the three petals to fracture and separate upon impact with tissue, creating 3 large secondary wound channels. The copper Maximum Expansion projectiles also have fine slits along the ogive. Their four blades are designed to expand and then peel back, remaining with the base to create a large wound cavity, while retaining 100% of their impact weight. Both projectiles require barrels with a minimum 1 in 8" twist to stabilise

.308 cal 174grn Controlled Fracturing
.308 cal 194grn Maximum Expansion

Lehigh 174grn Controlled Fracturing web 2Lehigh 194grn Maximum Expansion web

These projectiles can be purchased through the online store. To read about subsonic shooting, go to the Subsonic Hunting Page.