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North Fork .500 cal Flat Point Solids  Cup Point Solids

Meplat Firearm Services is now the Australian distributor for North Fork Technologies (NF). North Fork hunting projectiles are manufactured to ensure consistent performance on game every time. Their designs incorporate several design features that separate them from other projectiles in the market. These features include Smart Band Technology (SBT) and Designed Impact Geometries (DIG).

The hunting projectiles made by NF come under two broad categories, these being lead core expanding projectiles and all copper solids. The lines in the NF range comprise the following:

Lead Core
Flat Point
Percussion Point 

Copper Solids
Cup Point Solids
Flat Point Solids

Read more about each of these projectiles and the North Fork design features on their pages on this website.


Solid Projectiles

375cps 1

Lead Core Projectiles

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