Custom Build Considerations

For those of you that want a custom rifle made to your specifications, here's a list of things to consider before you place an order for a custom rifle:

Calibre What bore diameter?  Will you be reloading or using factory ammunition. What action length does it need to fit?
Stock Material / Design Wood, wood laminate or synthetic? Monte Carlo, Classic, Hogback? Cheekpiece, palm swell, forend width?
Stock Dimensions Standard sizing or custom fitted?
Stock Grade

What look do you want for the firearm? Should it be plain for the field or must it look elegant?

Checkering Do you need it for grip? Do you want it for looks? Course or fine? Do you want some custom design?
Grip Cap / Fore-end Tip Do you want contrasting caps and tips for visual appeal? What type of wood / colour? Metal inlayed caps?
Stock Finish

Matt, satin or glossy finish for practicality or visual appeal?

Action Type / Length Do you need fast follow up shots or not. What action length is required for your desired calibre and projectiles?
Engraving Do you want custom engraving for the visual appeal?
Barrel Length What will be your most common hunting conditions? Do you need every last bit of velocity? Weight factors?
Barrel Contour

What do you need for the calibre? How much weight do you want? What contour appeals to you visually?

Iron Sights

Do you want or need them fitted? If so, what type (e.g. notch or aperture)?

Sling Swivel Types

What style do you like? Will recoil be an issue that may affect your selection?
























Once you've considered each of these aspects of your Custom order, you'll probably develop some questions that you may like advice on. We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance or suggestions that will assist you in making your selection.