Exporting Service

Meplat Firearm Services also provides an exporting service that allows you to send firearms, and firearm related items overseas, whether you are moving temporarily or permanently overseas, returning home to another country, or selling goods to an overseas buyer. Let us handle the DECO export permits, Australian Border Force export declarations and international shipping, as well as liaising with overseas importers.

Below is an outline of the process and requirements, designed to provide you with both understanding and transparency of what is involved in importing. Please take the time to read through it.

Exporting Costs

Currently, low volume exporting can be expensive, mainly due to the costs of international shipping of firearms, which due to their nature, are not handled the same way as general cargo, and require additional paperwork. Meplat Firearm Services charge a fee for the export of firearms and firearm items due to the work and associated costs involved in arranging the export documentation and delivering the items to the freight forwarder for shipment. This fee forms only part of the total cost of the imported item, with international shipping generally making up the greater part of the cost (depending on country you are exporting to).

Costs payable include:

1.      MFS Export Fee;

2.       International shipping;

3.      Other specific applicable charges; and

4.     GST on the invoice total (unless an overseas buyer is paying the costs, in which case GST does not apply).

International shipping costs depend on a number of factors:

1.       Number of parcels / boxes;

2.       Weight of packaged items;

3.       Cubic size of packaged items;

4.       Destination (the further away, the higher the cost);

5.       Whether it is a common transport route (remote places can be difficult to export firearms to); and

6.       Current air freight prices.

You can of course attempt to export the item yourself, but you would need to learn the relevant processes and documentation, and apart from the MFS export fee, you would still need to pay all the other costs listed. If your documentation is not done correctly, you may also have to engage a Customs broker and pay their fee on top. If MFS do the exporting, then we handle all the export documentation.

MFS Export Fees

For our work in arranging all the export paperwork, we charge you a fixed export fee per item. This fee is not dependent on the cost of the item (i.e. it is not a percentage fee based on the item value). The fee charged per item may be reduced if you export more than one item within the same consignment to the same recipient. Also, firearms are charged at a separate rate from less expensive firearm accessory items / parts (but which still need export & import paperwork & Customs export approval). Please note that the MFS Import Fee is all that we make from the transaction, but forms only part of the total cost estimate that we will provide you. The other exporting costs associated with exporting your item (outlined above) are payable by you, and these are included in the total cost estimate we will give you before you commit to the export.

Below is the schedule of the MFS Export Fee, depending on how many items you are exporting to the same recipient.

Firearms / Actions Firearm Parts
No. of Firearms Fee Per Firearm Total Export Fee No. of Parts Fee Per Item Total Export Fee
1 $275 $275 1 $100 $100
2 $225 $450 2 $70 $140
3 $210 $630 3 $56 $168
4 $195 $780 4 $48 $192
5 $180 $900 5 $43 $215
6 $165 $990 6 $38 $228
7 $155 $1085 7 $34 $238
8 $145 $1160 8 $31 $248
9 $135 $1215 9 $29 $261
10 $125 $1250 10 $27 $270
11 $120 $1320 11 $27 $297
12 $115 $1380 12 $27 $324

Export Fee Notes:

1.    A firearm action (with a serial number) is charged as a firearm, as the paperwork and secure storage requirements are exactly the same.

2.    Firearm parts are those non-serilaised parts or accessories including stocks, barrels, trigger assemblies, magazines, sights etc.

3.    To obtain the reduced export fee rates for multiple firearms / parts, they must be included in the same consignment and be sent to the same recipient.

4.    Multiple identical firearm parts exported to the same recipient will count as one item (e.g. if we ship 3 identical pistol magazines for the same pistol to the same recipient, they will count as one item, attracting a single item export fee).

5.    Export Fee is exclusive of GST. 10% GST will be added.

Exporting Process

The process for exporting your item will generally go as follows: you select an importer in the destination country and forward us their contact details. You deliver the goods to be exported to us. The overseas importer will need to apply for an import permit (most countries will require this, and this make take anywhere between one week and two months or longer, depending on the issuing country) for the item to be imported into that country. We will liaise with them to supply them the required information for their documentation. Once they have secured the import permit, they will forward a copy of this to us, and we will use it to apply for an export permit. Once the export permit has been issued (this typicallt takes around a month to be processed) we can arrange the international shipping via a freight forwarder. Once the shipping details are known, we notify Australian Border Force of the export, who will issue an export number. We deliver all the relevant documentation and the exportable goods to the freight forwarder, who delivers them to the airline. Your goods then ship to the importer, who will either hold them, or forward them to a gun dealer (as applicable) until you or the recipient can collect them.

Note that the overseas importers will charge for their services. You can either pay them directly, or else you can sometimes pay us and will we arrange payment to them. This latter option may attract additional charges from us though.

Requirements of You

The requirements of you are:

1.         Identify an overseas import agent / gun dealer who will handle the importation of your firearm items;

2.         Provide MFS with full details of the item you are exporting including make, model, calibre, serial number, and packaged weight and dimensions;

3.         At the appropriate time, deliver the exportable goods to us; and

4.         Pay the export invoice issued by us (shipping costs, export fee, GST etc.) as well as any fees payable to the overseas importer.

This should provide you with enough information to be able to determine if exporting through MFS will suit your needs. Please note that due to the documentation application and approval process both overseas and in Australia, exporting firearms or firearm items is not a quick process. It can take anywhere between a month to four months or longer, depending on the country involved and the length of time for documents to be issued.

Call or email us to discuss any exporting requirements you may have.