B&M Rifles

Meplat Firearms Services is the Australian distributor for the B&M range of cartridges and the rifles that chamber them. The calibres and rifles that fire them have been developed by Michael McCourry form South Carolina, USA. Michael is a dedicated big bore rifleman with extensive big game safari experience around the world, who challenged conventional big bore rifle wisdom and developed a better big bore package. B&M rifles depart from traditional big game rifle convention in that they are compact, light and easy to carry in the field for extended periods compared to traditional big game rifles, yet lack nothing when it comes to knock-down power, even on the world's toughest big game. They have been thoroughly tested and proven in Africa, Australia, and North America. They are based on the Winchester Model 70 controlled round feed action, but can be built on other bolt actions as well, with some calibres suitable for single shot or double rifles, and lever actions.

Choose from one of the firearms in stock from the B&M Rifles in Stock page, or a full custom order, made to your specifications. There are a number of considerations that you need to take into account when building a big game rifle in a hard hitting calibre, especially if you intend hunting dangerous game. See the Rifle & Calibre Selection and B&M Custom Builds pages to read the options available to you, then call or email us to discuss your requirements or to seek any advice. We'll be happy to talk to you and answer any questions.

The B&M Calibres page will take you though the full range of B&M Cartridges. There's something for everyone, from 9.3mm through to .500 cal, and even some really compact cartridges (Super Shorts).

If you want to buy or build a B&M rifle, you'll need to reload for it as they are wildcat cartridges. You can buy the dies and brass here that you need to get you going. See the B&M Brass & Reloading Dies page. If you want to order your rifle with a high grade, extremely strong stock, we recommend the stocks that you'll read about on the Accurate Innovations Stocks page. These stocks can be purchased for any rifle or calibre, not just B&M ones.

Of course, once you've decided on a rifle, we have the best hunting projectiles that you can buy listed right here in the Premium Projectiles section. These projectiles were developed by Michael McCourry himself, initially to meet his own stringent demands for his B&M line. Working in conjunction with Cutting Edge Bullets (CEB), who now manufacture the projectiles, they are now available to all hunters, and can of course be used in your favourite calibre, not just B&M calibres. There's plenty to read and learn about how these projectiles work and what makes them so effective on this site. Take some time to learn about them. Armed with a B&M rifle loaded with CEB projectiles, your next venture into the hunting field will be a very satisfying one.