B&M Custom Builds

You can elect to build a custom B&M rifle in a B&M calibre, or any other calibre, in the B&M compact rifle style. Choose all the details that you like, so that you get exactly what you want. There are multiple options available to you, so please download the Custom Orders form, consider the options, and then contact us to discuss your project. Once you are satisfied with your choices, complete the Custom Orders form, and forward it to us.

If you are wondering what kinds of choices you can make, read the Custom Build Considerations page in the Technical Notes section. Also, there are a large variety of different B&M rifles that have been built that are displayed in the Image Gallery section. Go to the B&M Rifles & Cartridges page of the gallery to view these, and get a feel for the various looks and materials that are available to you.

B&M rifles are manufactured by a respected gunsmithing and firearms design business in the US and you can be fully confident that the quality of your rifle build is assured. Owners of B&M rifles are very pleased with the build quality and finish of B&M rifles. Following completion, Michael McCourry (creator of the B&M line) will personally function test each B&M rifle before it ships, as he likes to ensure the reliability of each rifle that bears his brand. Michael is not a gunsmith himself, but an experience big game hunter, and he understands the need for absolute reliability in a big game rifle.

We can also arrange the build of custom hunting rifles for you in your choice of calibre. If you like the short but powerful concept of the B&M rifles but want another calibre or make of action, we can cater to your needs. If you want something entirely different, we can likely still help you. Email or call us and we'll discuss what it is you're after, and advise on how we can best help you.


Pricing can vary greatly, depending on what you want, how many specifications you include and the cost of various components. Once you have decided on all your options, we will provide you with a quote to consider before progressing with your order. If you choose to go ahead, we will require a deposit to the amount of 50% of the final price, which s non refundable. Once your deposit has been received, we will submit your order to begin the build. Build times can vary, depending on the nature of the build and the workload of the gunsmiths, and you should realise that we have to allow for import and export processes and documentation, which we will handle.

It is always less expensive to import multiple firearms together at one time than to import firearms individually. This is because there are certain fixed import and export costs that can be spread over several firearms, reducing the proportion of these costs attributable to each individual firearm. If you are willing to be patient, and we can combine the importation of your rifle along with some others, the cost of your rifle may reduce from the quoted price. However, if you want to receive the rifle as soon as possible, we will import the rifle as soon as we can and you will pay the full quoted price.

Another factor that can affect price is the exchange rate between Australia and the US, where the rifles are built. Because of the time between ordering and final delivery, sometimes the exchange rate can vary considerably during the interval. This could either make the rifle more expensive, or make it less expensive depending on which way the exchange rates move. Currently, we are enjoying exchange rates that are very favourable for importing goods into Australia from the US. Our quote will be based on the current exchange rate at the time of ordering (which will be shown on your quote). If there is a considerable change in the exchange rate, the final price of your rifle may change, but we'll also indicate on your quote what the effect of exchange rate fluctuations will be. Please note that this price variance may well work in your favour.

The final balance payment will be due when we have the rifle ready for delivery to you. MFS is based in Adelaide, South Australia. If you are located interstate or in regional South Australia, we will forward the rifle to a licenced firearms dealer that you nominate, once we receive the balance payment. With your purchase approval paperwork in hand, you can then go to that dealer and take possession of your rifle. Please note that most firearms dealers will charge an administration fee in order to transfer the firearm through their books. Check with your nominated dealer to obtain the amount.